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Our Business Strategies

Human Assessments and Development

We do assessment to improve the human capital value and provide Corporate Trainings based on the assessments..


We offer counselling and support for individual employees to effectively deal with various challenges and stressors arising out of work place pressures leading to low performance scale at work. Our expertise can help the project managers and team leaders to identify root causes of ineffective performance of the team members.

  • Identify the Environmental Stressors and ways to deal with them
  • Acknowledge the Sources Affecting their Relationships at work
  • Create Self-Awareness and Develop Positive Self-Talk
  • Cultivate Self Respect and Respect for others
  • Differentiate Effective Behaviours from Ineffective Behaviours
  • Identify Intra-Personal and Interpersonal Issues


These programs aim to empower the participants in their search for healthy choices in order to support their desire to foster productive and rewarding relationships within the organization and beyond. The modules of the training sessions are designed in Consultation with the core team within the organization based on the following steps.

  • Need Analysis
  • Designing the Program
  • Presentation of the Road-Map to the Core Team
  • Execution
  • Focused Follow Up